KRISP Grants Unit Introduction

KRISP challenges the status quo to create a scientific environment in (South) Africa that delivers the highest level of science, creates innovations and reverses the brain drain. This vision is starting to pay off, and we are happy to say that in just two years, we have been awarded over twenty grants to produce and analyze omics data in the African continent. Please contact us to discuss collaborative grants applications.

KRISP has a professional grant unit to support its researchers and collaborators to raise funding

KRISP is actively replicating a successful development model by our collaborators in Switzerland (by the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and ViTAL-IT) and Sweden (SciLifeLab), which involves direct collaboration with researchers in the grant writing process so omics data can be generated and analyzed at the highest level. Furthermore, we are finding that our data generation costs are internationally competitive and that collaborative grants are receiving high scores, as international funders seem to be positive about data being produced and analyzed in Africa.

For our model to succeed, we have invested millions of dollars in very high-level omics equipment, automated robotic processes and have hired very experienced laboratory and bioinformatics staff. Our laboratories also operationalize as an ISO accredited system (ISO 15189), which allows omics data to be produced at high-quality. Our laboratories are very similar to the top labs running in Europe, America and Asia and we have access to some of the best toys and services available in the omics R&D field.

We have also invested in a professional grants' management team so KRISP researchers and collaborators can produce competitive grant applications. We have submitted forty-one (41) and got approximately 50% of the grants funded in 2018!

Many of the grants were produced in collaboration with groups in Belgium, Canada, Kenya, Nederland, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, U.K., USA and Zimbabwe. Including grants awarded from international (e.g. European Commission, NIH, Royal Society, UK MRC, etc) and national agencies (NRF, PRF, SAMRC, TIA, etc). We are currently producing and analyzing data for many national, continental and international projects in Africa.

In this section of the website, you will find information on the KRISP Grants Unit. You will also find information on how we can work together to produce competitive grants applications that delivers high-level science, creates innovations and reverses the brain drain in Africa.

Grants Unit Information:

- Find Funding - List of Agencies in South Africa and abroad

- The Grant Process - A) Pre-Award Process

- The Grant Process - B) Post-Award Process

- Videos - Grants management and collaborative research at KRISP, UKZN Durban, South Africa

News date: 2019-03-12