Meet our Previous Genomics & Bioinformatics Fellows

The fellows have come from 42 different countries in the global south. We are privileged to provide the opportunity for knowledge transfer to scientists from all walks of life and to allow them to come together and share their experiences with others and to learn how to become world leaders in genomic surveillance.

CERI and KRISP have supported 283 fellows for both short-term (2 weeks) and long-term fellowships (3 months to 2 years) across a variety of specialties.

In April 2023, we will be hosting another 37 fellows from 18 different countries who will attend a 2-week workshop at our Tygerberg facility at Stellenbosch University.

Some of the more recent videos include:

Wonderful Choga, a Bioinformatician from the Botswana Harvard AIDS Institute

Carolina Correia, a PhD Candidate at the University of Sao Paulo

Mariana Marmorato, a PhD Candidate from the University of Sao Paulo

News date: 2023-04-09