CLIMADE in the Americas II: Climate change and epidemics Talk, West Nile, Chikungunya and spatial analysis EEID, Stanford University, California

A team of four members from CERI and CLIMADE program are in Stanford University to present multiple results at the 2024 Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases (EEID) Conference and to engage and develop collaboration with global colleagues on ecology, modelling and evolution of Infectious Diseases

The pre-conference started with Dr. Monika Moir and Graeme Dor (PhD student at CERI, Stellenbosch University) participating in two workshop tracks. The workshop was entitled: Disease Ecology in a Changing World: Quantitative Tools to Applied Solutions, that is split into two tracks.

CERI and CLIMADE team members walking in Stanford University Campus, that will host the 2024 Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases (EEID) Conference

Our team arrived early to attend pre-workshops on Saturday and Sunday (22 and 23 Jun 2024). Dr. Monika Moir is attending the “Estimating environmental response functions using Bayesian inference” and Graeme Dor is attending the one with geospatial data extraction and analysis using Google Earth Engine.

Workshop on Saturday, 24 June on Estimating environmental response functions using Bayesian inference and Geospatial Data Extraction and Analysis using Google Earth Engine, Stanford University.

In the meantime, Dr. Houriiyah Tegally, head of Data Sciences at CERI and CLIMADE, took a few days before the workshop to visit Yosemite and meet her brother, who lives in Canada. CERI and CLIMADE encourage life-work balance and enjoying nature and outdoors as a well to replenish energy need to fight epidemics caused by climate change.

Yosemite National Park, picture by Dr. Houriiyah Tegally, 22 June 2024.

Dr. Houriiyah Tegally is giving one of the invited talks of the EEID conference, her talk is entitled: “Integrating phylodynamics and disease ecology to uncover transmission dynamics and correlates of climate-sensitive pathogens in Africa."

In addition, we have three posters on the conference:

- Spatiotemporal transmission and dispersal of West Nile virus in Africa, by Dr Monika Moir et al.

- Tracing the spatial origins and spread of Omicron lineages in South Africa, by Graeme Dor et al.

- Understanding the Transmission Dynamics of the Chikungunya Virus in Africa, by Yadjna Ramphal et al.

More of the conference activities, presentations and highlights will be updated daily in this ad webpages, twitter (@tuliodna, @ceri_news), Linkedin (CERI and Tulio de Oliveira) and Instagram (@tuliodna, @ceri_news).

News date: 2024-06-26