The largest genomics facility in Africa

We are have launched of the largest and most advanced state-of-the-art laboratory in Africa and part of our vision is to create the most affordable genomic services to drive high-level science and epidemic response in Africa.

Supporting Africa and the world on Epidemic Response

Here you can learn more about how we support many collaborators with genomics, bioinformatics and phenotyping services in Africa and around the world.

Conduct high-throughput genomics surveillance to identify major pathogens causing epidemics as well as future pathogens that may emerge from zoonotic transmissions in Africa

Develop a collaborative platform with key stakeholders to support the phenotypic characterization of pathogens for vaccine design and evaluation, with bespoke tailoring to local transmissibility, variants, and virulence

Data is made available in international databases in real time. If new pathogens and/or variants are discovered local, continental and international agencies, like Africa CDC and WHO are rapidly informed

We work closely with data scientists to provide detailed reports and analysis of data – see our publications section

We have access to large bioinformatics servers and the fastest internet ring in Africa in collaboration with the data centre of the SAMRC

Expand training to African countries for advanced genomics, epidemiology, and bioinformatics training. As part of this, we are creating an African fellowship program