Big Data, Bioinformatics & Artificial Intelligence to fight COVID-19 epidemic in South Africa

KRISP has partnered with the Pro-Vice Chancellor of Big Data Analysis at UKZN, Prof. Francesco Petruccione to put together a team with more than 20 researchers, including computer scientists, mathematicians, statisticians, bioinformaticians, infectious diseases clinicians, theoretical physicists and quantum computing scientists to analyze the COVID-19 outbreak in South Africa.

Our government has already used our results to show that South Africa is flattening the curve. Our graphs were featured by the Health Minister and the Chief Scientific Officer of South Africa's COVID-19 response committee in their technical presentation to the nation last week.

South African government uses KRISP and UKZN Big Data results to show the faltering the curve in the country

The results were presented in live TV in South Africa. Before that it was presented in our parliament to the South African president, ministers and government and opposition parties. The results were also highlighted widely in the press media, such as the piece on the news24: SA government plans for Covid-19 to peak in September

Below see the presentation on South African live TV of the results of the BigData group that we put together.

Prof Tulio de Oliveira and Prof. Francesco Petruccione have established a fundraising campaign to raise funds that will enable the team of experts to continue their independent analysis of the data and to expand their ability to generate more of this vital information.

'We think a campaign will highlight the level of expertise at KRISP and the opportunities for individuals and corporates to support this unpredecented scientific work in South Africa. In addition, the aim of the campaign is to help us continue providing free, open and independent analytical services to the decision makers guiding us through this pandemic.'

By supporting the campaign, donors qualify for a Section 18A tax certificate issued by the UKZN Foundation. Support KRISP and the UKZN Foundation in fighting the coronavirus by making a donation on BackaBuddy at:


News date: 2020-04-18