CERI, CBTBR, CARMA & FMHS at Stellenbosch University organize major Symposiums to celebrate the opening of the BMRI Building.

Genomics Symposium - 17 April 2023, TB Symposium - 18 April, Cardiometabolic research symposium - 20 April. Symposiums are free of charge and will be hosted at the new BMRI building at FMHS Tygergerg Campus of Stellenbosch University.

In celebration of the launch of Stellenbosch University’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Biomedical Research Institute (BMRI), we are hosting a series of festivities and activities in the lead-up to the inauguration of the BMRI. The BMRI is a fully integrated, future-focused and superbly organised research complex which matches and in several ways, exceeds the best the world has to offer; this building is dedicated to understanding the genetic and bio-molecular basis of disease with a decidedly African focus.

The construction of the BMRI commenced with a sod-turning in 2019 and in the years since, catapulted our faculty onto the world stage by showcasing research that is on par with the most advanced and sophisticated biomedical research in the world.

As a valued member of the Tygerberg Campus community, I’d like to extend an invitation to each and every one of you to participate in and share your views on all the exciting activities we have planned for the inauguration of the BMRI under the theme “Improving lives with breakthrough science”. Prof Elmi Muller, Dean Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Please diarise the following dates and register and attend the activities where applicable:

- Monday 17 April 2023: GENOMICS SYMPOSIUM AND TOURS [08h00 – 18h00] - Please register here

- Tuesday 18 April 2023: TUBERCULOSIS SYMPOSIUM AND TOURS [08h00 – 18h00] - Please register here

- Thursday 20 April 2023: CARDIOMETABOLIC RESEARCH [08h00 – 12h30] - Please register here

The Genomics Symposium will host 300 participants and will host a stellar number of presenters from the top scientific and industrial organizations in Africa and in the world including the following eminent presenters:

Dr. Sofonias Tessema, Africa CDC, Ethiopia.

Dr. John Sillitoe, Wellcome Sanger Institute, U.K.

Dr Kathryn Reeves, Ilumina

Prof Vanessa Hayes, University of Sydney

Prof Marco Salemi, University of Florida

Prof Chris McEvoy, Peter MacMallum Cancer Centre, Australia

News date: 2023-04-17