Visit to the Health 2030 Genomics Centre in Geneva

Prof. Tulio de Oliveira had the opportunity to visit the Health 2030 Genomics Center in Geneva on the 22 May 2023, where he was able to present some of the research being undertaken at CERI and KRISP.

By Riley Griffin, Bloomberg, 20th April 2023

The Health 2030 Genome Center is a multi-institutional hub established to promote genomic medicine in Switzerland and provide sequencing and analysis services to the research and clinical community. The Center was conceived as a hub for genetics and genomics research to foster collaboration, increase communication, and promote the sharing of ideas, allowing for the long-term development of major initiatives.

The creation of the Health 2030 Genome Center was supported by a private Geneva-based foundation, the Personalized Health and Related Technologies of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Domain and the Health 2030 initiative in personalized health. The Health 2030 is located at the Biotech Campus in Geneva, which is a few hundred meters from the United Nations Building.

Top:: Tweet from Prof. Isabella Eckerie about Prof. Tulio de Oliveira's presentation in Geneva. 

News date: 2023-05-23