Dr Adetomiwa Adeniji
My research goal is to apply system biology analytical approaches to understand host-microbe interactions, identify ways to better combat emerging infectious diseases, and promote effective disease treatment strategies.

Dr Cheryl Baxter
Head of Scientific Support at CERI.My main research focus is HIV prevention, specifically strategies to reduce HIV acquisition among young women and issues related to sexual and reproductive health. More recently, I have been contributing to Covid-19 research, particularly the monitoring of the epidemic trends. In addition to my research experience, I have a passion for capacity development.

Prof. Tulio de Oliveira
My research interests concentrate on viral evolution under selection pressure created in the transmission, acquisition, and drug escape processes. A particular point of interest is on the study of viruses's origins and the effect of the network of transmissions in the spread of epidemics in Africa and other continents. I also enjoy developing bioinformatics software applications and running a next-generation sequencing (NGS) and innovation research centre.

Mr Stepfan De Villiers
My passion is identifying, understanding, and analyzing microorganisms responsible for infectious diseases and I hold a deep interest in advancing my studies and a career in Molecular Biology and Epidemiology.

Suzette Grobler
Senior Grants and Contract Manager at CERI.

Maambele Khosa
I recently joined CERI to spearhead Marketing, Media, and Communication. Currently completing a master's degree in science and technology, I hold a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing and a Bachelor of Science in Geoinformatics and Information Systems Management from the University of Stellenbosch.

Prof Lenine Liebenberg
Prof Lenine Liebenberg's work in mucosal immunology is predominantly focused on understanding and mitigating the impact of sexually transmitted infections on public health.

Gwynneth Louw
She started her career in research and the medical field 7 years ago as a data capture for TB Research and has since landed her current post as a research administrator at CERI Labs in which she enjoys the work, the people and the CERI culture.

Zethu Luthuli
I am the Project Coordinator at CERI. I joined CERI in 2021 and I am response for the administrative projects’ coordination, communicating with and assisting postgrad students and post-doctoral fellows, procurement (procuring of goods and services), Grants Management & Finance admin support.

Dr Moise Majyambere
Dr Moise Majyambere is currently a Senior Research Support Officer at CERI: Centre for Epidemic Response and Innovation (Stellenbosch University).

Prof Thulani Makhalanyane
Prof Thulani Makhalanyane's research focuses on understanding the ecology of microbial communities in extreme environments.

Dr Monika Moir
Post-Doctoral Fellow at CERI - I was awarded a PhD in 2020 which focused on the ecology and conservation of bats in forests in South Africa with specialisation in the fields of bioacoustics, population genetics, phylogeography and landscape ecology.

Dr Yeshnee Naidoo
Laboratory Manager at CERI. My main interest is HIV Drug resistance in South Africa and translational research to implement activities designed to make precision medicine technologies available to the public.

Dr. Sunday Oladejo
I recently joined CERI as a joint postdoctoral fellow with a research background in mobile networks, optimization, machine learning, and data science. My research interest lies in the intersection of machine learning, data science, and health sciences.

Tebogo Ramakutoane
I am a qualified medical laboratory technician with over 10 years’ experience working in Clinical research trial laboratories. I also have a Masters in Biotechnology, with the main area of research focusing on the control fungal pathogen.

Prof Frank Tanser
Professor Frank Tanser is a South African scientist whose research aims to evaluate and design intervention strategies to drive back the HIV epidemic and its negative consequences in communities hardest hit by the epidemic

Dr. Houriiyah Tegally
Houriiyah Tegally holds a PhD in Virology & Bioinformatics and is currently Head of Data Science at the Centre for Epidemic Response and Innovation (CERI) at Stellenbosch University in South Africa, focusing on the genomic epidemiology and evolution of viral pathogens South Africa and Africa.

Velda Wentzel
I joined CERI as a Laboratory Technician looking for a new challenge after working in different diagnostic labs for many years as a Medical Technologist.

Dr. Eduan Wilkinson
My main focus is on infectious diseases of public health concern which are impacted by the climate crises. This includes water and vector borne diseases (e.g. Cholera or Dengue).

Dr. Joicymara Xavier
I recently joined CERI for a PhD exchange period under the supervision of Prof. Tulio de Oliveira. I am a professor at the Federal University of Vales do Jequitinhonha and Mucuri (UFVJM) and co-founder of an NGO that teaches programming to young and socially vulnerable girls (Código X). Currently, I'm enrolled in a PhD in Bioinformatics with a focus on predicting the effects of mutations in the structure and function of proteins

Nondumiso Zakwe
I am responsible for effective sample management and LIMS coordination. I hold a BSc Honours degree in Biochemistry and a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration. With laboratory experience spanning various industries, I approach my work at CERI with a multidimensional perspective.